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The life of a DJ who devotes their time to music is much more complex than people think. The DJ's job is to listen to obscene amounts of music you normally wouldn't be exposed to. Being a DJ is more then just hitting play. A DJ's job is to select and search all music, find what you are looking for, and tell the story about a certain time in your life. David Portugal at Mainstage Pro Light and Sound prides himself in taking your dream event and making it a refelction of your vision. There is so much music out there that you can use to create the perfect story and share a piece of you. Let David guide you in finding that story. 

David is a musician, producer, music enthusiast and Dj. David hails out of Tumwater WA. He spends his free time in his studio cataloging and making his own music. David has had over 20+ years to develop his amalgamation of sound. His emotive music selections are his own therapy. His love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing music and is dedicated to sharing his love for music. This translates into sets where he infuses all the pieces of music that every music lover could appreciate.
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